le vent se lève! . . . il faut tenter de vivre!

Le Cimetière Marin, Paul Valéry

The wind rises is one of my most favourite films. Inspirational and engrossing, the protagonist contends with the loss of loved one, and the meaning of life in the pursuit of his passion (circa WWII). I was reminded that regardless of how difficult things might be, the sun will rise again, bringing with it a new day and new beginnings – a chance to try again. Like a strong wind rising above, be encouraged and try to move forward despite obstacles.

featuring – french knot, loop stitch, stem & leaf, woven wheel

took about a week to complete, embroidery work instills calmness, focus and fluidity. i enjoy entering into a state of flow when working away. unlike most things in life, when an error is made here, it can be fixed. in the midst of working, sometimes things look unkept and incohesive, but as you sew away, it comes together. kind of like life.

This piece is inspired by the incredible work of Diana Vingert.

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