I focused more on trying different techniques in what became quite a busy pattern. I felt like perhaps the end product reflected my mind this week.

This is such a busy time for me, both personally and professionally. Both embroidery and writing are forms of self care, so it feels nice to decompress – sew, write and share. Maintaining my physical and mental health are priorities, but I find that recently, I often have to remind myself to take time off. Remote work has its advantages, but a clear separation between work and play fades – if you let it. During this pandemic where night and day bleeds together, this becomes even more important. Create a schedule, follow, adjust, follow, take time off, pet a cute dog (priority).

After my thesis, I hit a point of massive burnout; thankfully I was able to recuperate during my travels to South Africa. Honestly though, at one point it was so severe that the beauty of Capetown could do little to counter the extreme exhaustion I felt. It was a rough lesson, but I learnt.

The pattern below was not drawn all at once, rather as I sewed, I added new elements. In the future weeks I’m going to aim for something a bit more cohesive haha.

styling – #broderie, french knots, loop stitching, stem stitching, stem stitch

bonne semaine à tous!

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